Durango SRT Has What You Love About the Dodge Durango And Then Some

The Dodge Durango you know and love is here to stay. But all the qualities that make it so easy-to-drive, so safe, so technologically advanced, so convenient, and so capable, have just been enhanced. If you aren't sure how the Durango could've been made any better than it already was, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Because the new 2018 Dodge Durango SRT is here. It has everything you love about current new Durango models, plus a whole lot more.


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Travelling Smarter in the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica

Technology changes the way we interact with cars. Joining the ranks of the technologically sophisticated vehicles is the Chrysler Pacifica with an array of features to change the way you drive.

"Are we there yet?" will no longer be your children's road trip catchphrase with the 10.1-inch seatback-mounted high-definition touchscreens. With the ability to for built-in games and Uconnect Theater they will be begging not to leave the car.

With Adaptive Cruise Control and other sensing features, the Pacifica is smarter and safer than its competitors.

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2017 Chrysler Pacifica Claims Two Awards from Parents Magazine and Edmunds

By now, most consumers know that the new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is a worthy model because of all the praise that surrounds it. However, if you need more reasons to consider this minivan, then perhaps the two latest awards presented by Parents Magazine and Edmunds will do the trick. With so many honors to its name, it is hard not to appreciate this vehicle!


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A Roadside Emergency Kit? Why?

No one ever thinks about a roadside emergency, such as an engine break down if you are way out of town. It is a good thing to have a kit with some essential items, even if you are just driving in town. Things like road flares and a flash light come to mind, but let's make a list and see what all we would really need.
  • A flashlight comes in handy in case it is dark, and you might need to flag down someone.
  • Road flares to warn off other drivers that there is a car parked on the…
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Being Safe In Parking Lots

Many more accidents occur in parking lots than outside them. While parking lot accidents are rarely fatal, due to the limited speed that they tend to be conducted at, it is important to avoid them all the same.

To properly avoid parking lot accidents consider the following when driving in them:

- Travel and slow and safe speeds to make sure that you able to stop quickly if someone pulls out in front of you.

- Try to park a reasonable distance away from crowded areas if at all possible. It is often better to walk a bit then to be in…
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Why You Should Lease Vehicles Over Buying

When time goes on in history, habits and customs change along with it. Don't fall for the trap of buying a new or used car just to fix it up in the long run. There are some unknown perks about leasing a car that not a lot of people know about.

Buying a car back in the day would be normal. When you lease a car though, you won't be tied down to one model.

If you don't know which one would work for you, come by our store today and we'll help you pick your…
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