Is it Illegal to Drive Barefoot in Illinois?

December 28th, 2018 by

Young Boy Barefoot in Driver's SeatWhen the first real days of spring and summer hit Central Illinois, it’s tempting to do everything to enjoy the weather — drop the windows, open the sunroof, go for a picnic, and maybe even leave your shoes at home. But is it legal to drive barefoot in Illinois? Yes, but you should probably think twice about it. Just because it’s legal to drive around Pekin or Washington without shoes doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Is Driving Without Shoes Safe?

While you may get kicked out of a restaurant for not wearing shoes, you can drive barefoot to get there. But you probably shouldn’t — it’s not as safe as wearing proper shoes while driving.

  • Regardless of whether there’s rain, snow, sleet, or mud around Pekin, any leak or spill could put fluids onto your pedals, making it easier for your foot to slip off the gas or brake.
  • Deciding to give your feet a break after a long day? Taking your shoes off behind the wheel comes with its own dangers if a shoe finds its way behind your brake or gas pedal, stopping you from using them.
  • Even if you’re driving perfectly, someone else may not be, and shoes offer another layer of protection to your feet during an accident.
  • If you do get in an accident and are found at fault, driving barefoot could constitute reckless driving if it contributed to the accident.

Remember, it’s not just you out there on East Peoria roads; be aware of the barefoot driving risks you’re willing to take. While you may enjoy the free feeling, we actually recommend keeping some spare shoes in your trunk as part of your roadside kit.

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Although barefoot driving may seem like a laughing matter, driving without shoes can pose some safety concerns, and we suggest you’re only barefoot behind the wheel when your car is pulled over. It’s also a good idea to wear a normal pair of shoes when driving — put the golf shoes back in your bag after hitting the links. Have questions about other driving trivia, like how many miles tires can last or how often to chance your oil? Don’t hesitate to ask us when you stop by for a test drive or your next service appointment.

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